Dr. Max Ephraim, DDS was born and raised in the Philadelphia area. After receiving a degree in Geology from Colgate University, and working as a geologist on oil rigs, he realized that his real passion is in helping people (not rocks). Dr. Ephraim began pursuing a career in dentistry — inspired by his 105-year-old grandfather and hero, Dr. Eli Zebooker, DDS, whose original dental practice from 1952 has evolved into what is now Society Hill Dental!

While fulfilling post-baccalaureate coursework at the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Ephraim had the opportunity to work as a lab technician alongside Dr. Bonomo and the wonderful team at SHD. Dr. Ephraim then graduated from New York University College of Dentistry, and has returned to Philadelphia with his wife. Dr. Ephraim is an avid photographer and a lover of plants, animals, and the great outdoors.

Dr. Ephraim is dedicated to building patient relationships rooted firmly in trust, respect, and compassion. He is a lifelong learner, committed to remaining at the cutting edge of modern, conservative dentistry. Dr. Ephraim is Solea certified, and a member of the Pennsylvania Dental Association and the American Dental Association.